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International Conference on Mood Disorders



Preconference Session



March 29, 2006 Wednesday


Roundtable discussion: 


Expanding Quality:  Can we establish a regional  collaborative network 
regarding education, mental health services and research in  mood


Moderators: Zeliha Tunca, Berna Uluğ, Adib Essali


Invited participants: Hagop Akiskal, Numan Ali, MDYasamy,
Konstantin Danielyan, Kostas Fountoulakis,
Khachatour Gasparyan, Peykan Gökalp, Shahrokh S. Gudarzi,
Fuad İsmayilov, Yiannis Kalakoudas, Oğuz Karamustafalıoğlu,
Georgy Koychev, Andreas Marneros, Sergei Mosolov,
George Naneishvili, Yannis Nymatoudis, Timuçin Oral,
Ayşegül Özerdem, Norman Sartorius, Mustafa Sercan,
İnci Taşyürek, T. Bedirhan Üstün, Simavi Vahip, Olcay Yazıcı


The invited speakers and discussants  (representatives of countries) 
will  mediate  the meeeting and it will be open to the audience for further


Part I :  Present position of mental health services, education and research in
regional countries.




Part II: Practical suggestions for collaboration


· There will be at least one representative from each participating country


· After presentations by individual representatives, a free discussion by the
invited participants and the audience will be encouraged on practical suggestions during second part.


· A report will be prepared to be presented at the closing session


· Pre-conference preparation among the representatives  will be done via
e-mail communication



International Conference on Mood Disorders



Close Encounters of Three Seas: Building Regional Bridges



March 30, 2006 Thursday












Hall 1


Seven hills, seven cultures, seven hospitals


Şahap Erkoç




Coffee break




Hall 1

Keynote lecture #1

Bipolar spectrum: historical perspectives and current evidence


Hagop Akiskal




Industry supported symposia 1 & 2




Hall 1

Keynote lecture #2

Depression and public health: challenges and requirements. 


Norman Sartorius




Hall 1

Symposium #1

Cultural aspects of depression


· Studies on cultural aspects of depression in Turkey 


Can Cimilli




· Cultural aspects of depression in Georgia 


George Naneishvili




· Tradition, modernity and depression. The Turkish case


Kemal Sayar




Dicussant: Norman Sartorius




Hall 2

Symposium #2

Neurobiological basis of bipolar disorder


· The possible role of a simple molecule, inositol, in pathophysiology and
treatment of a complex disease-bipolar disorder & cellular mechanisms beyond
inositol pahtway 


Galila Agam




· Chronobiological and pharmacokinetic aspests of long-term treatment in
bipolar disorder 


Sergei Mosolov


· Brain dynamics and bipolar disorder: an update on neurocognitive processing
and electrophysiological findings 


Ayşegül Özerdem




Coffee break




Workshops & meet the expert sessions


Hall 1

Workshop #1

Methodological and practical issues on doing genetic studies in bipolar


Nurten Akarsu, Richard Ebstein, Suzan Özer




Hall 2

Workshop #2

Evidence based practice in mood disorders 


Adip Essali 




Hall 3

Workshop #3

Course and outcome in bipolar disorder: a critical approach to
systematic follow-up


Kostas Fountoulakis, Ayşegül Özerdem, Timuçin Oral




Hall 4

Meet the expert #1 

State of art in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorders: expert
opinions on difficult cases 


Experts : Hagop Akiskal, Andreas Marneros, Zeliha Tunca


Case presenters: Deniz Arık, Sibel Çakır, Lut Tamam




Opening ceremony 


& Opening of the patients’ paintings exibition 


& Welcome reception




Concert of Three Seas Ensemble



31 March 2006 Friday




Hall 1


Symposium #3


Schizoaffective disorder: Intersection between bipolar disorders and


· Schizoaffective disorder - bridge over the spectra 


Andreas Marneros




· Towards a better understanding of bipolar genetics: genes for psychosis 


Aylin Uluşahin




· Contemporary treatment strategies for schizoaffective disorders 


Cem Atbaşoğlu




Coffee break




Hall 1

Keynote lecture #3

Imaging Genomics: Exploring the interplay of genes, brain and behavior in the pathophysiology of mood disorders 


Ahmad Hariri




Industry supported symposia 3 & 4




Hall 1

Keynote lecture #4

Prefrontal cortical functions in bipolar disorders 


Sophia Frangou




Hall 1

Symposium #4

Treatment of bipolar disorders: an update


· Treatment of manic and mixed episodes: an update 


Timuçin Oral




· Treatment of bipolar depression: an update 


Roumen Milev




· On manic switch process: current evidence and future needs 


Simavi Vahip




· Long term treatment of bipolar disorder: an update 


Kostas Fountoulakis




Hall 2

Symposium #5

Many faces of mood disorders 


· Psychopathological spectrum of the manic states 


Georgy Koychev




· Dysphoric mania: Out of mind, not out of sight 


Shahrokh S. Gudarzi




· New findings on the validity of unipolar mania 


Olcay Yazıcı






Coffee break




Workshops & meet the expert sessions


Hall 1

Workshop #4

Psychotropic drug use during pregnancy and postpartum period in bipolar patients 


Fisun Akdeniz, Anke Rohde




Hall 2

Workshop #5

Cultural case formulations 


Can Cimilli, George Naneishvili, Medaim Yanık




Hall 3

Workshop #6

Studying Disability and quality of life in mood disorders 


T. Bedirhan Üstün, Ömer Aydemir




Hall 4

Meet the expert #2 

State of art in the diagnosis and treatment of bipolar disorders: expert
opinions on difficult cases 


Experts: Shahrokh S. Gudarzi, Roumen Milev, Orhan Öztürk 


Case presenters: Yavuz Ayhan, Evrim Erten, Haluk Savaş 




Poster session (with adjournment)



April 1st 2006, Saturday




Hall 1

Symposium #6

Mood disorders in special populations 


· Mood in developmental context: when learning to regulate is difficult 


Yankı Yazgan




· Bipolar disorder in elderly population: what should clinicians know
about diagnosis and treatment? 


Turan Ertan




· Mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum period: recent findings on  epidemiology and clinical characteristics 


Anke Rohde




· Current evidence in the treatment of mood disorders during pregnancy and   postpartum period 


Fisun Akdeniz




Coffee break




Hall 1

Keynote lecture #5

Genetics of  temperament


Richard Ebstein




Industry supported symposia 5 & 6




Hall 1

Keynote lecture #6

Future classification of mood disorders


T. Bedirhan Üstün




Coffee break




Hall 1

Symposium #7

Psychosocial issues and psychotherapeutic interventions 


· Perception of the disease and stigmatization in bipolar disorder 


Kaan Kora




· Psychiatric consequences of child abuse and neglect  


Adip Essali




· Our bipolar patients have children, too... 


Işıl Vahip


· Psychotherapeutic interventions in the treatment of bipolar disorders:
techniques every clinicians can use 


Müge Alkan




Hall 2

Symposium #8

Recent neuroimaging  studies in mood disorders 


· How do genes shape mood and brain? 


Ali Saffet Gönül




· Cingulate cortex abnormalities in bipolar disorder 


Serap Monkul




· Mood disorders and molecular imaging 


Ali Bozkurt




Discussant: Sophia Frangou




Hall 3

Symposium #9

Comorbidity & evolutionary frame of mood disorders


· Challenges and solutions in the management of comorbid mood and
alcohol use disorders 


Berna Uluğ




· Familial Mediterranean Fever and  affective disorders 


Armen Nersysyan, Konstantin Danielyan




· Mood disorders from an evolutionary frame 


Kerem Doksat




Coffee break




Hall 1


Interactive forum: Voices from different countries 


How do we treat bipolar patients in our countries? Real world experiences 




Hall 1


Presentation of the roundtable discussion report on collaboration in our region
& Poster award ceremony
& Closing remarks




Congress party