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 Invitation for Research Applications

Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities

(MHDD) Program

Research Grants Available for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

in Children, Adolescents and/or Adults

The Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Program (MHDD) is dedicated to research capacity

building in mental health and neurodevelopmental disabilities through collaborative interdisciplinary

research. The MHDD is a joint effort between the Children's Hospital Boston at the Harvard Medical

School (HMS).

This specific announcement invites research project grant applications from investigators based in Turkey.

We will support research projects conducted in Turkey involving MHDD:

Research that reflects innovative approaches and techniques

Research that will develop necessary pilot data for seeking larger awards

New investigators who demonstrate promise and who have a supportive environment for their


Relevant Studies:

Developmental, behavioral, emotional and cognitive aspects of serious neurodevelopmental disorders;

these may include the intersection of any mental disorder with a serious neurodevelopmental disorder,

mental retardation, autism or related conditions.

Interdisciplinary studies involving collaborative studies between psychiatry, or child/adolescent psychiatry,

with clinical psychology, developmental biology, epidemiology, genetics, molecular biology and

neuroimaging are encouraged.

Proposed studies ought to have an analytic rather than a descriptive approach, and include properly

selected and well justified clinical or observational studies utilizing standardized, operational measures

and control groups when indicated. Intervention studies and services research pertaining to MHDD may

also be included.

Clinical trials of innovative drugs will not be funded.

Research Grant Support

Budget: Up to 10.000 USD for one-year awards; proposed budget dollar amount less than the maximum

allowed is encouraged.

Requisites: Open to investigators at universities, research institutes or non-profit foundations, who are

working as senior residents/postdoctoral fellows, assistant professors or associate professors.

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Letter of Intent:

Prospective investigators should submit an electronic Letter of Intent (LOI) in English giving:

(1) Full Name

(2) Address including telephone, fax and e-mail

(3) Current position

(4) Institutional affiliation

(5) Proposed title of the research project

(6) Names, positions and institutional affiliations of any proposed co-investigators (preferably including the

name of a key scientific mentor)

(7) CV including bibliography (with specific reference to peer-reviewed publications, books/chapters,

scientific reports/reviews/monographs and presentations at scientific meetings

(8) 1250 word research proposal including: A. Specific aims and study hypotheses (250 words); B.

Background Literature/Significance/Previous Studies (including those conducted by the investigators

related to the current proposal) (500 words); C. Study Design/Methods/Budget (including study population,

subject selection, measures, interpretation of data/analytic strategy, plan for protection of human subjects)

and proposed budget amount (500 words).

Deadline for the Completed LOI Application: LOI can be sent electronically no later than Thursday

October 10, 2005, 5 PM Eastern Standard Time (USA).

Selection Criteria: These will be based on the scientific importance of the problem studied according to:

(1) Significance; (2) Approach; (3) Innovation; (4) Investigators; (5) Environment; and (6) Ethical Issues.

Selected investigators will be electronically invited by October 24, 2005 to submit their final full application

materials using a suggested format by no later than Monday November 17, 2005, 5 PM EST.

All final awards will be announced by November 31, 2005. Projects are expected to start on January 9,


Program Director: Kerim M Munir, MD, MPH, DSc, The Children's Hospital, Division of General

Pediatrics, 300 Longwood Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02115

All electronic inquiries and submissions to be addressed to:

Deniz Yucel, MA

U.S. Program Coordinator, Fogarty and NIMH/NIH MHDD Programs

Children's Hospital

Division of General Pediatrics

300 Longwood Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 02115

617 355 7419 (tel)