01.13.2009                                                                   06/2009
 Dr. Bassam Al Ashhab,
President of the Palestinian Psychiatric Association
I am writing on behalf of the executive board of the Psychiatric Association of Turkey which representing all psychiatrists and psychiatrist-in-training. We, as physicians and scientists working for the improvement of mental health,  are deeply concerned with Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip. We believe the humanitarian disaster that we are witnessing, is bound to add to the already existing suffering in the lives and minds of the people of the region, and will make it even harder for any reconciliation effort to have any effect. Military aggression and wars cause loss of lives, injuries, loss of a supporting environment and causes a feeling of insecurity, all of which are known to increase mental problems.
We want to declare once again our disapproval of the recent offensive attitude of the Israeli Government and wish an end to violence. Please contact us for any opportunity for collaboration and accept our sorrow and condolences for your losses. 
The press statement of Psychiatric Association of Turkey about Israel’s atacks on the Gaza Strip is enclosed.

Psychiatric Association of Turkey
Şeref Özer, M.D.


Israel has been almost tried to exterminate Palestinians by blockading transportation of humanitarian aids like food and drug since a long time. In addition to this blockade, whole world nations have been witnessing Israel Army’s inhuman attack to Palestinians since 3 weeks. More than 900 Palestinians have been died and 4000 Palestinians have been injured in Gaza until today. Mostly women and children were killed during the attack and no reason should justify this murdering. This is a carnage.  
War means death, injury, poverty and migration. War means blood, tear, violence, fear and pain. The impacts of the war does not only affect just current victims, but also future generations will be drastically traumatized due to chronic effect of the war.
Psychiatric Association of Turkey is strongly condemned Israel because of the inhuman attack which intended for extermination of Palestinians. Psychiatric Association of Turkey is also strongly recommended to cease the attack immediately and invite all mental health organizations to protest the situation.
Psychiatric Association of Turkey
Şeref Özer, M.D.
Dear Seref Özer,
On behalf of myself and  my colleges in  thePalestinian Psychiatric Association    I would like  to express my deep gratitude  to you and all members  of your association for your kind words and your  stand beside our people in this very difficult time .
Our  deep appreciation is extending to the Government and the people of   Turkey  for their exceptionally strong  political  and public  stand which touch deeply the heart of every  Palestinian and gave us courage  and support to overcome this inhuman vicious attack.
I  am sure that the  history, culture  and the  believes that we share  will keep us  close  forever.
Thank you again
President of  Palestinian Psychiatric Association