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Yunanistan Psikiyatri Derneğine:

29th August/2007
Dear Professor George Christodoulou
President of Psychiatric Association of Greece and Psychiatric Association for Eastern Europe and the Balkans

Please extend our condolences to the Greece Medical Association and Greece Psychiatric Association for the devastating fire.

On behalf of the Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT), I would like to extend my deepest sorrow for your casualties and I hope that the injuries will heal.

Please let us know how the PAT can support our colleagues in Greece. If there is anything that we can do -sharing experience, training on crisis intervention- we would be glad to do so.

Sincerely yours

On behalf of Psychiatric Association of Turkey
Prof. Dr. Sahika Yuksel

Dear Sahika

Thank you and the PAT for your friendship and solidarity. This was, indeed, a major disaster for Greece and it is, unfortunately, continuing.

I have conveyed your message to the Hellenic Psychiatric Association.

Best regards


Peru Psikiyatri Derneğine:

17th August/2007 182/2007

Dear Marta Rondon ,
President of Peruian Psychiatric Association,

Please extend our condolences to the Peruian Medical Association and Peruian Psychiatric Association for the earthquake disaster that had a devastating effect. Please let us know how Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT) support can be given to our colleagues in Peruian Psychiatric Association.

In Psychiatric Association of Turkey, we established a special task force after Marmara Earthquake as Disaster and Mental Health. In Disaster and Mental Health Task Force past eight years, we have been involved in treating disaster victims, from their initial presentation in the early response, to treatment for chronic PTSD. We have a great deal of experience in using different psychotherapy and medical treatment. Very interesting coincidence our Marmara Earthquake happened to be same date eight years ago, 17th August 1999.

If there is anything that we can do - from sharing our experience, to offering training - we would gladly do so. If you send us your address we can send you back any written material you will deem necessary both for public and professionals use, if and when you let us know.

Sincerely yours

On behalf of Psychiatric Association of Turkey

Prof. Dr. Sahika Yuksel

Dear Sahika and friends
Thank you so much for your kind concern. The Peruvian Psychiatric Association is indeed trying to set a program for intervention and we would appreciate  your help in training and education. If you have any relevant materials in English do send them please to
...@gmail.com cc ...@speedy.com.pe (notice new address)
We are looking forward to hearing from you.