Task Forces

With ongoing duties

  • A01 – Professional stance to be taken with respect to subjects (Hypnosis, NLP, etc.), which can be fields of interest or conflict for psychiatry
  • A02 –Special Training Centers Task Force
  • A03 – Hospital Standards Task Force
  • A04 – Personal Rights Task Force
  • A05 – Psychiatric Services Pricing Task Force
  • A06 – Health Transformation Task Force
  • A07 – Disability Ratios in Psychiatry and Disablement
  • A08 – “There is a Specialist Out There” Task Force
  • A09 – Psychicologicali Trauma Assessment Task Force
  • A10 – Mental Health Law Task Force
  • A11 – International Affairs Task Force
  • A12 – Violence Against Physicians Task Force
  • A13 – Media Activities Task Force
  • A14 – Special Health Insurance Task Force
  • A15 – Assessment of institutions providing mental health services Task Force

Duties ended

  • B01 – Licence and Responsibilities of Physicians in Psychotropic Drug Use
  • B02 – Psychiatric evaluation, follow-up of those performing duties while armed and those obtaining firearm licence, and other things that can be done
  • B03 – Pricing of Psychiatric Services in Public Institutions and Revolving Fund Applications
  • B04 – Identifying Minimum Standards Regarding Physical Conditions, Equipment and Minimum Standards Of Psychiatry Clinics Task Force
  • B05 – National Mental Health Policy Task Force
  • B06 – Evaluation and Follow-up of Private Hospitals Regulation Task Force
  • B07 – Psychotechnic Applications Task Force
  • B08 – Private Hospitals Task Force
  • B09 – Definition of Professional Roles Task Force
  • B10 – Probation Task Force
  • B11 – Off label usagee of psychiatric drugs Task Force
  • B12 - Driver's License and psychiatric evaluation Task Force