The Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT)

The Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT) is the organization of specialists and residents of adult psychiatry in Turkey. Due to its constitutional commitments the PAT aims to provide and promote scientific development of psychiatry in accordance with ethical standards in clinical practice and research. The PAT also aims to improve psychiatric training, patient-rights and treatment standards and to develop and follow up mental health policies and implementations in Turkey.

PAT was instituted as monospecialist association in 1995 by four former psychiatric societies some of which dated back to 1914 (Turkish Neuropsychiatric Society, Turkish Society for Mental and Neurological Health, Society for Specialists and Trainees in Psychiatry, Izmir Psychiatric Society).

Since its foundation, PAT has broadened into 21 Branches throughout the country and more than 95 % of the psychiatrists in Turkey have become members of the Association. The PAT holds three nationwide meetings every year: The National Congress of Psychiatry, Anatolian Psychiatry Days and Spring Symposia (Annual Meeting of the PAT).

Psychiatric Board of Turkey is an autonomous organ of the PAT. Research and training activities are conducted by Sections that cover all the areas of psychiatry. The PAT publishes the books prepared by Sections in order to contribute to the professional development of its members. Ethical Codes of Psychiatry are accepted in the General Assembly of the PAT in 2002. The PAT is a member of the World Psychiatric Association and an associate member of the UEMS Section of Psychiatry.


The General Assembly of PAT is composed of the delegates of the Branches. The General Assembly meets every two years and elects the Executive Committee for two years.

The Executive Committee meets at least once every month and governs PAT in all its aspects.

The Branches operate with the Local Executive Committee of their own, carrying responsibility of both the regional activities and the coordination with the Executive Committee. There are 21 Branches covering all the geographical regions across the country.

The Coordination Committee is composed of the EC members and the Representatives of the Branches. The Coordination Committe meets two times a year and is the governing body of the PAT.

The Discipline Committee is elected in the General Assembly and is responsible for dealing with the cases of abuse of psychiatry or reviewing the ethical issues raised either by the members or the clients.

Scientific Sections operate to build the scientific activities of PAT and conduct training as well as research-oriented projects. They produce Guidelines for Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders; organize scientific meetings and panels in the National Congresses and Spring Symposia and initiate collaborative research and scientific projects across centers and with related international organizations.

Psychiatry Board is an autonomous Council of the PAT, responsible for establishing and following the application of the core curriculum adjusted to universal and cultural standards, and also for making the board examinations.


Bulletin of PAT is being published three times a year and is sent free of charge to all members as well as the affiliated organizations and corporate supporters. All issues are contained in the Website.


Ethical Codes of Psychiatry

Treatment Guidelines for Bipolar Disorder

Textbook of Anxiety Disorders

Treatment Guidelines for Anxiety Disorders

Schizophrenia and Other Psychotic Disorders

Treatment Guidelines for Psychotic Disorders

Treatment Guidelines for Depression

Practical Guide for Forensic Psychiatry

Essential Psychopharmacology

Handbook of Psychiatric Association of Turkey

Organizational Memory of Psychiatry in Turkey

Residency Training in Psychiatry. Competence and Accreditation in Training

Probation Addiction Programme


The Website address of PAT is News concerning the profession, announcements of the association, announcements of congresses and meetings are published in the website. In addition there are pages for the Branches and the Scientific Sections and links to other professional associations. There is ongoing project to improve and develop the functions of the website in the service of enhanced communication among the individual members and the Branches. The language of the website is Turkish. There is a general introductory page in English.


1) Scientific Meeting Support Program for Residents and Trainees

2) Basic Course of Psychopharmacology

3) Task Forces on “Principles of Psychotropic Prescriptions”, “The Valuation of Psychiatric Services” and “The Review and Critics of the Alternative Approaches in the Field of Mental Health”

4) The PAT Awards: Research Awards and Research Project awards.


52 Sections consist of 12 sections of psychiatric disorders, 9 sections of treatments, 9 sections of subspecialties and 22 sections of various other areas of interest. The sections operate autonomously. The Executive Committee finances them. The Scientific Sections, besides their collaborative research activities, aim to prepare the Treatment Guidelines Book Series of the PAT. Mood Disorders Scientific Section is currently working on a National Register and Follow-up Project (SKIP-TURK).


The Scientific Section for Human Rights and Psychiatric Ethics has prepared a booklet entitled Ethical Codes of Psychiatry and it was accepted in June 2002. The Discipline Committee investigates and concludes the applications on ethical issues and cases of conflicts.